– Area of the facility is more than 10.00 acres
– Factory Building is more than 50,000 Sft
– Production capacity is  2.0 Mn Sft per annum

Our present facilities are

Our present facilities produce hollow core slabs, load bearing partition and architectural walls, columns, beams & girders, single T/ double T beams, staircases, retaining walls, compound walls.

Precast Technology

The technology consists of casting concrete in a reusable mould. It is then cured and transported to the construction site where it is lifted into the required place. The high precision that is achieved in casting of concrete in a controlled environment ensures the attainment of high international standards of safety and production. Besides being cost-effective, the technology is also environment friendly because of reduced energy consumption and reduced waste / dust on site.

A revolutionary process in the field of construction, precast technology is being used across the world for constructing commercial and residential projects besides bridges, flyovers, dams and canals. The use of this technology is limited only by one’s imagination in the construction industry. With a spurt in urbanisation and development, there is a conspicuous need for cost effective high quality construction with fast delivery schedules. It is in this context that prestressed precast technology offers its superiority.